The Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Conditioner Filter

If you don't replace the air filter in your air conditioning system, you will soon start to experience the consequences. The filter is responsible for trapping dirt and other contaminants from the air, so when it becomes clogged, air can't pass through it. This causes a variety of problems, such as system inefficiency, increased energy bills, inadequate air quality, and even system failure. The only type of filters that can trap allergens and spores are HEPA filters.

In the long run, it's cheaper to invest in a pair of air filters on a regular basis than to pay for an entirely new system. When the filter becomes clogged and air can't pass through it, the air conditioning system will work harder to push the air out. This puts excessive stress on the motors in the system, which can lead to a system failure. To keep your air conditioning system running smoothly, it's vital to change your air filters regularly.

If you're a commercial property owner, consider having your filters serviced by professionals to ensure the job is done properly. Replacing the air filter in your heating and cooling system is a simple and affordable way to keep it operating at optimal levels. Don't let dust and contaminants enter your air conditioning system - change your air conditioner filter regularly! It's the only way to ensure that what you breathe is pure, clean, and allergen-free.

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