Does Air Filter Placement Really Impact Air Quality?

Air purifiers are designed to circulate air, and they need adequate space to do so. It is recommended that air purifiers be placed at least 6 inches away from walls, doors, or furniture. Operating the device in tight spaces or with other elements nearby can reduce the amount of air flow that the device can generate with its intake fan. So, does the location of the air purifier in your room really make a difference in air quality? To answer this question, Smart Air conducted seven tests overnight to see if the air closest to the air purifier was cleaner than elsewhere in the room. The Smart Air team placed three Dylos DC1700 particulate pollutant meters at different points (and heights) in a room.

Then, a Smart Air DIY Cannon air purifier was turned on at night and particle counters tracked pollution levels throughout the night. The particle counters took turns at each location over several nights to account for any variation that might exist between the meters. The tests were conducted in a 15 m2 bedroom with the doors and windows closed. The DIY Cannon air purifier was strong enough for the size of the room. Finding an air purifier with enough power (CADR) for your room size is more important than its position.

Also, if you sleep with the air purifier turned on, make sure that its low-setting CADR is sufficient for the size of your room. As long as your air purifier fits the size of your room, its location doesn't matter. Smart Air is a certified B company that is committed to combating the myths used by large companies to inflate the price of clean air. They offer practical, evidence-based purifiers and masks that remove the same particles as large companies for a fraction of the cost. The air filters have arrows printed on the sides that show how they should be installed. These arrows should point in the direction in which air flows through your system, which is away from the supply ducts and (normally) toward the fan.

While both large and small air purifiers require free space on all sides, smaller units are easier to place and maintain. Common sense dictates that a larger purifier can better clean larger spaces, but this isn't necessarily true. The important thing is air flow. If your space is open-concept, air can flow relatively easily, so a large unit can do the job effectively.

And if air can't travel freely between rooms, it's best to place smaller purifiers in each room. As an owner of a central heating and cooling system, one of your most important maintenance responsibilities is to change the air filter regularly. For optimal efficiency and indoor air quality near Coachella Valley, make sure your air filters are installed correctly. George Negron of EnviroKlenz agrees that strategically placing air quality purifiers throughout the house is ideal for removing particles from various pollutants, such as mold, mildew, dust, pet dander, smog, and smoke. It's important not to place an air purifier too close to walls or other objects as this can reduce its efficiency and waste energy. It can also damage your air conditioner or heating system.

Forced air furnaces recirculate air throughout the house, expelling air (cooled or heated) while extracting spent air for another cycle. Placing an air purifier on a shelf or grill is practically equivalent to placing it against a wall. You should also keep the air purifier away from other areas of humidity, such as a steamy bathroom, as this can reduce the life of its filters. Smart Air will make data and more information on their test methods available to all clean air fans. The results of Smart Air's tests showed that there was no significant difference in particle levels between locations near and far from the DIY Cannon air purifier. This indicates that as long as your air purifier fits the size of your room, its location doesn't matter.

This allows it to clean the air in the room without interference from hallways or other rooms.

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