Can Electrostatic Filters Improve Your Air Conditioner's Performance?

Electrostatic air purifiers are a great way to remove dust and other particles from the air with the help of electromagnetism. They can be used in portable air cleaning devices or installed in the ducts of domestic air conditioning systems. These filters work like dust magnets and use static electricity to attract dirty air and make sure it adheres to the filter. The coarse-grained fibers of the filter are electrostatically charged and accumulate particles over time. As more particles accumulate, filter efficiency decreases, but thorough cleaning can reverse that problem.

If washed and maintained regularly, these filters can last indefinitely. Compared to regular disposable air filters, electrostatic filters usually have a MERV rating of between 8 and 10, making them more effective at removing particulates from the air. For example, if you're replacing a 25 x 25 inch disposable filter, you'll need a standard size 25 x 25 inch electrostatic air filter. Electrostatic air filters, also known as washable filters or reusable filters, are found in an oven and usually replace pleated filters. Air Products & Services, an expert in air conditioning problem solving systems, shares more information about this type of filter in this publication.

While less effective than HEPA filters, electrostatic filters are still notable for filtering air and protecting it from harmful contaminants. Washable air filters work with specially designed fibers that produce an electrical charge (such as static electricity) that collects pollutants from the air and traps them in the filter so they don't enter the air you breathe. The 94% arrestance filter provides greater filtering capacity by trapping up to 94% of air particles. If you're still not sure if an electrostatic or disposable filter is right for your air conditioning system, talk to a professional. Other types of air filters have one thing in common: they are made of fibers, which attract particles and collect them on the surfaces of air filters as air passes through them.

While there are a variety of types of air filters to choose from, installing electrostatic air filters is a great way to improve indoor air quality. It's important to note that as the rating increases, the harder an air conditioning system has to work to push air through the filter. Electrostatic air filters perform the same filtering functions as other types of filters, but they don't clog up as quickly. This makes them a great choice for those looking for improved performance from their AC system. If you're looking for a way to enhance your AC system's performance while also improving your indoor air quality, then electrostatic filters may be just what you need. They provide greater filtering capacity than regular disposable filters and can last indefinitely if maintained properly.

Talk to a professional if you're still not sure which type of filter is right for your system.

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